Why Choose Us?

Hi, Swan Griffin here. I am the owner and operator of Artistry Resumes. Yes, your favorite Resume Maverick has entered the chat.

I thought I’d take a break out of my day and talk about who I am and why Artistry Resumes has been one of the top resume services in the Kansas City area.

I can sum it in three core values: Economical, Quick and We Get Results.

Economical Resume Service:

One of the questions I get most often is, “Why are you so much cheaper than the other services I have called? All of the other places I’ve called charge in excess of $300 for a resume, are you less qualified? Am I being hustled?”

No, you’re not. The simple answer is, I’m aware of who I serve.

My primary purpose, aside from a completely nerdy- and genuine- love of writing resumes, is that I help people find employment. My clients who have been out of work 6 months do not have $500 to spare to have someone write a resume. Am I possibly undercutting my value? Probably. Am I enriching your value? Yes.

Sometimes you just need a step up, and I don’t think to put yourself in debt to do so is the most ethical way I can be of service. So no, you most likely get more in service for the prices I charge. I, along with my writers, work hard to ensure we go above and beyond to get you in your dream position. Every day I get an email headlined “Thank you! I got the job!”….that is enough payment for me.

Quick Turnaround

When I started this company, I made a point to set a general standard of service. I wanted to not only challenge myself to write faster, with the same quality of writing, but I wanted my clients to experience rapid results. I made a promise to deliver resumes within three days of our resume interview.

Now I am human. There have been days I have failed in the goal. I have a habit of taking on too much. In these cases, I make efforts to communicates delays and resolve them with minimal interruption to everyone’s schedule. At Artistry, you are never left in the dark of where you stand. You can be confident that you will be interview ready within a few days.

We Get Results

At this point, I consider all of the clients’ personal projects. I have a vested interest in every single one of you. If I write you a resume and I haven’t heard from you in a few weeks, expect a check-in from me.

I offer free resume edits for up to 6 months after service if your resume is not getting the results you need. I am proud to say that after two years of successful operation, I have only had two clients take me up on this offer.

I could keep going but I have deadlines to hit. If you want to give us the honor of forging your path to a new career and opening the doors to a new opportunity. Give me a call at 816-388-0553.