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Resume Writing Packages

The Resume Standard


Perfect for entry-level employees and those needing a resume refresh! Maybe it’s been 10 years, maybe you don’t know where to begin, but no matter the reason, this plan allows for a professional resume and formatting for any career field.

The Resume


The Resume Gold package is our best-selling package and the base of needs for any job seeker! You will walk away with a professional resume and fully plug-and-play cover letter designed to help you submit to your desired job-title target.

The Resume Platinum


The Resume Platinum package introduces the LinkedIn profile, which is an important complement to your resume and cover letter. We will optimize your profile to appeal to recruiters in your industry, increasing job and networking opportunities.

The Resume


The Resume All-Star has everything you could need—plus more! This package builds on the Platinum package and now includes a 30-minute mock interview and we will submit 5 job applications on your behalf.

Resume and Cover Letter

Our resumes are individually written for YOU. We take your individual contributions and successes and tell a compelling story to let a prospective employer understand your true value. We also tailor the resume with strong keywords to assist in ATS standards but we don’t forget a human is involved and employ attractive design standards that draw the reader’s eye. Our drafts are delivered 3-7 days after the one-hour career consultation done online, in-person or via telephone.

Cover Letter Development

The resume is rarely seen without its loyal companion: the cover letter. But what do you even put in a cover letter? How long is it supposed to be? Who do you address it to? Cover letter writing is a quagmire of confusion. It’s enough to make you not even want to apply to that job you’ve been eyeballing. 

That’s where we’re here to help. We will go through the cover letter with you and provide you with a plug-and-play cover letter, which allows you to apply to jobs quickly and efficiently—simply substitute the addressee, position, and company. This will leave you feeling like you’re standing on solid ground again, or perhaps a springboard from which you’ll jump to your next job!

LinkedIn Profile Development

Social media companies like LinkedIn play an important role in our professional world, whether we like it or not. LinkedIn is now another way to present an advertising hook like your resume. Many recruiters browse LinkedIn in search of candidates to refer to their employer. So, whether you’re entering a new field, returning to the workforce, or wanting to pursue new positions within your field, having an up to date and eye-catching profile can open up a world of opportunities. We will help you optimize your profile to include keywords for your industry, and provide a guide on how to interact on LinkedIn to build a community. 

Career Development

Maybe you’re starting in the workforce and trying to figure out what’s best for you, or maybe you’ve been in a career for decades, but feel like you’re ready for a change. No matter the reason, we can help. We will provide you with the tools you need to switch from the career in which you’re plateauing to your dream job. We’ll help you harness your strengths and experiences, making them applicable to the new position. If you are uncertain of where life will take you, we can help you develop your career, from an original idea through to interviews and later projects.

It is our job to set you up for success, which is why we offer a Six Week Career Coaching Course, which will lay the foundation for a whole new set of opportunities. You can expect to walk away from the course with boosted self-confidence, an awareness of self-destructive habits, increased focus to help you adapt and be flexible to change, the ability to leverage intuition, and challenges to your assumptions. But most importantly, we deliver results.

Interview Prep & Mock Interviews

Interviews can be intimidating. You’ve already submitted your perfect cover letter and resume, and now have thirty minutes to prove your skills. And there always seems to be that one question you didn’t prepare for…

That’s where we can help! We will provide you with the tools to prepare for your interview, so you can handle those questions you were expecting, as well as those ones out of left field. You will be able to answer the interviewer’s questions with ease and confidence that will make you stand out from all the other potential hires. 

Additionally, we offer 30 Minute Mock Interviews, so that we can coach you through the process and you can walk into that next interview more confident and comfortable. Mock interviews will leave you feeling more comfortable, so you can focus on highlighting your skills and accomplishments. Say goodbye to those sweaty palms!

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