Productivity While Working From Home

Work From Home Tips that Increase Productivity

In the Covid-19 Pandemic has working from home become your new normal? We have tried and true tested tips to help you improve your performance and achieve work-life balance in a home setting.

Keep a Dedicated Work Space 

Working from home requires a designated and comfortable spot in your house. Workspace depends on the space you have. It can be your spare bedroom or basement. Make sure your workspace is free from disruptions so that you focus on work.

Invest in Quality Technology and Furniture  

To set up a home office, you need a small investment. This depends on the type of work you are doing. Some job requires things like desktop, remote phone, router, or laptop. Also, depending on the space, you have consider buying a comfortable office chair, desk, and bookshelves.

Create Work Hours 

After setting up your office, you need to set work hours. Depending on your employer, working from home can offer work hour flexibility. If you have children you must assist in e-learning programs or a partner also needing the equipment, sometimes the traditional 9-5 workday is not feasible or easily attainable. Set work hours reserved for company time. Have set goals that you should achieve by the end of the day by following your work schedule.

Schedule Breaks 

You may feel pressure to always be “online” while at home. Don’t forget that even in the traditional office you are allowed a time to rest your brain. Taking breaks help increase creativity and productivity levels. Have at least a fifteen-minute break after every section in your schedule.

Use Time Management Apps

They help you to stay focus on the task at hand and monitor your productivity levels. These apps show you the time you spend on each task.

Avoid Social Media 

Social media is a major source of disruption when you are working. To avoid this, you should remove your accounts from browser shortcuts and toolbar bookmarks. Train your brain to realize this new schedule is work time too reduce many social breaks.  

Establish Boundaries with Family and Friends 

If you have friends or family members around, working seems to be difficult because they interrupt you during your work hours. Setting clear boundaries with friends and family is the best option during working hours.

Check-in with Colleagues Frequently 

Connecting with colleagues regularly is a good idea, especially when you are working on the same project. You should set up a check-in via phone call or video conferencing or messaging programs.

Working from home depends on what works best for you or the type of job you are doing. Whatever you plan on doing, always try to follow your daily schedule consistently, be positive, and communicate with your colleagues. These tips will help you streamline your routine and improve your performance.