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Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

The Resume Maverick

Swan Griffin-Udenze is a Certified Career Coach, Certified Business Coach, Professional Resume Writer, and the sole owner/operator of two prosperous Kansas City businesses, Artistry Resume Writing Service and Art of the Interview Career Coaching. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design. She spent the majority of her career in corporate marketing in various roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Copywriter, and SEO Account Manager at various large corporate entities and advertising agencies before taking the leap and pursuing her professional writing and coaching career. Swan founded Artistry Resume Writing Service in 2017. Since then Swan has expanded her professional knowledge and has become an expert and leader within her field.


“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it”

She believes a resume is simply a piece of marketing material that highlights the best features of a highly employable individual. You have one sheet of paper to convince a hiring manager that you are who they want and that’s how she approaches her writing style. Just like in advertising, you need to get the attention of a reader within the first few sentences. In that first five seconds of scanning, Swan aims to create a dynamic opening that creates a subtle call-to-action that tells the reader “I need to get this person in for an interview!”

Swan truly enjoys getting a new client and delving deep into their professional history to find those bare bones employable traits and creating a masterful resume that opens new doors. There is nothing more exciting than extracting talents her clients didn’t even know they have and formatting it into a winning resume for the career they want.

Swan specializes in C-Suite/Executive resumes, Career Change resumes, Career Re-Entry Resumes, Logistics Management Resumes, Sales Resumes, Marketing Industry Resumes, Education Administration Resumes, and Medical Industry Resumes, Military-to-Federal resumes and Military-to-Civilian resumes.

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