How To Design A Standout Resume

Hiring professionals decide if you are interview worthy in less than 30 seconds. How do you make your resume stand out in a sea of black and white? Most articles with this topic will focus on what information you need to provide, what “action” words to use….blah blah blah. If everyone is providing the same advice, then you are now just apart of a new stack of black and whites.


Let’s focus on resume design. Sometimes all you need to place yourself in a interview position is a little bit of style.

1. Don’t be afraid of color

Add little snippets of color throughout the resume to guide the readers eye to what you want them to read and remember. Some popular locations are your name, section headers,  and professional highlights.

Professionals going through a stack of resumes are not going to read the whole thing, your job is to get them to remember what they do.

2. Play with typography
Experiment with bolds, italics, font sizes and typefaces to highlight and emphasize important aspects of your resume. WARNING: Don’t get crazy and end up designing a kids birthday party invitation, a little goes a long way!

3. Create an interesting visual.
If you have the creative vision, create your own custom template resume with a matching cover letter design that shows a bit of your personality. Employers will notice that you took the time to create a package for them to view and shows that the amount of effort you took to create interest can be translated into effort you will put forth WHEN you land that job.
These are just simple things that you can employ to make your resume stand out just a little bit more. Get to designing, I look forward to hearing about your new job soon 😉