Best Jobs for Seniors Who Want to Work But Still Enjoy Retirement

It’s not unusual for retirees to decide they want to go back to work after a period of time. According to a Rand Corporation survey, 39% of surveyed people aged 65 and older who were currently employed were at some point previously retired. While some people want to return to the workforce for financial reasons, others miss the challenge, satisfaction, and structure of having a job. If you are considering returning to work, you don’t have to jump back into a stressful, full-time gig. Many employers hire workers on a freelance, part-time, or seasonal basis. Follow these helpful tips to find an interesting job that will allow you the flexibility to still enjoy retirement.

Arm yourself with technology

Having a trusted, reliable smartphone is essential while you are looking for a job and after you land one. The right phone will allow you to view job listings, return calls, submit resumes, answer emails, download documents, post on social media, and make video calls from anywhere. These days, you can find a myriad of different smartphones at every price point, and many phone carriers sell smartphones at discounted prices. Pairing your new phone with a prepaid phone plan can also be beneficial, since you’ll be paying for a set amount of data usage and avoid being charged for exceeding that limit. You’ll find a variety of plan options through your phone carrier, including unlimited data, which may better accommodate your business and personal needs.

Select the right industry

So where should you start looking? First, you should narrow down your search to a couple job sectors that interest you. If you find you need training in a new industry, Experience Works is a non-profit organization that offers job training and employment leads to older adults.

  • Consultant – The first industry to look for a job is the same one where you spent your career. With your expertise and know-how, you can work as a consultant or freelance contractor and work as much (or as little) as you like.
  • Insurance – If you want to change things up, consider the insurance sector where you can typically find plenty of available positions. You don’t need to have prior experience in this industry in order to be hired, the hours are flexible, and you can choose a specific branch if you’d prefer (e.g., small business insurance). Do online research to find the best insurance companies to work for.
  • Finance – If you are money savvy, you can look for accounting and finance positions such as bookkeeper, medical biller, or tax preparer. Companies like H&R Block offer tax preparation training courses and then hire people to work seasonally.
  • Retail – The good thing about the retail industry is they always seem to be hiring. If you want a relatively low-key job that involves interaction with customers, applying for a retail position might be the optimal choice for you.
  • Hospitality – Hotels and resorts offer a variety of different part-time hospitality jobs that are suitable for seniors, everything from concierge positions to reservationists to cleaning staff.

If you find you aren’t ready to be completely retired, the answer for you could very well be to re-enter the workforce. Whatever industry and job you choose to pursue, do plenty of research about various companies to make sure you land in a suitable spot. As a senior, you can be picky and wait for the right employment opportunity to arise. Use the aforementioned tips to narrow down your search and locate the right job for you to make your golden years even more enjoyable.

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