Since inception, Artistry Resumes
has been totally focused on offering quality, stand out resumes

Artistry Resume Writing Service started as a hobby past time to help friends, over time Owner/Operator Swan Griffin, developed a talent for creating creative quality resumes that highlighted strengths, downplayed perceived weaknesses and excelled at presenting a highly employable person for any industry.

Anyone can create a professional resume. We don’t claim to be the “be all to end all” of resume writing. There are many wonderful services available and it is up to you to choose your best fit. But at Artistry Resume Writing Service our unique advantage is having a background in marketing and graphic design. We find your most marketable employable features and talents, highlight them, and package them in an attractive resume that catches the eye of any interviewer.

Like any marketer, we focus on developing your personal brand and defining its features in 1-2 pages, ideally making an impact on the reader within 5 seconds. Our resumes are fully keyword optimized and designed to get you past ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and into the hands of a human. Our job is to get your foot in the door, because we already know you have the capability to walk with purpose!

If you think Artistry Resume Writing Service is the right fit for you, we’d be honored to help you attain your career goals. Contact Us right now and we will set you on the right path to a happy future!